Building 4 Progress

The project begins by getting a building permit from the City of Danville, which was done on Thursday, June 15, 2017.

Building 4 will be located directly south of Building 1 (shown on the left).  In the picture below, the trailer sits on the east end of the area where Building 4 will be located.  The first thing to be done is to scrap away the existing grass and then prepare the pad area.  The trailer will be moved to another area inside the fence.  Picture was taken on 6/15/17. Click on picture for a closeup view.

Area where Building 4 will be located, south of Building 1,

Well, as shown by the photo below, today they delivered their dozer to do the dirt work.  Hopefully by this time next week, the dirt work will be done.  The trailer is hiding behind the dozer. Picture was taken on 6/28/17.

site on 6/28/17 with dozer onsite

The dirtwork for the "pad" is done as shown below by this 7/6/17 picture.  It will probably be about a month before the contractor can frame-up and pour the concrete.  There will be about 30 feet between building 1 and building 4.

Pad for building 4 as of 7/6/17

After a month-ling wait while the concrete contractor finished up other projects, they finally got started on the pad for building 4 as shown by the photo below.  The photo was taken 8/2/17 as a light dizzle/sprinkle fell.  Lots of rain lately is causing some projects to run behind schedule.

work has begun on the pad for building 4.






 last updated 8/3/17