Building 4 Progress

The project begins by getting a building permit from the City of Danville, which was done on Thursday, June 15, 2017.

Building 4 will be located directly south of Building 1 (shown on the left).  In the picture below, the trailer sits on the east end of the area where Building 4 will be located.  The first thing to be done is to scrap away the existing grass and then prepare the pad area.  The trailer will be moved to another area inside the fence.  Picture was taken on 6/15/17. Click on picture for a closeup view.

Area where Building 4 will be located, south of Building 1,

Well, as shown by the photo below, today they delivered their dozer to do the dirt work.  Hopefully by this time next week, the dirt work will be done.  The trailer is hiding behind the dozer. Picture was taken on 6/28/17.

site on 6/28/17 with dozer onsite

The dirtwork for the "pad" is done as shown below by this 7/6/17 picture.  It will probably be about a month before the contractor can frame-up and pour the concrete.  There will be about 30 feet between building 1 and building 4.

Pad for building 4 as of 7/6/17

After a month-long wait while the concrete contractor finished up other projects, they finally got started on the pad for building 4 as shown by the photo below.  The photo was taken 8/2/17 as a light dizzle/sprinkle fell.  Lots of rain lately is causing some projects to run behind schedule.

work has begun on the pad for building 4.

As seen in the 8/8/17 picture below, the concrete pad has been poured.  Next step will be adding the steel building.  Contractor indicated that it will probably be about a month before he is able to start the job.  Check back toward the end of September to see how the project is coming.

Building 4 concrete slab as of 8/9/17

10/12/17: After some delays including health issues in his family, Randy Soloman with Continental Steel should be onsite this week to begin erecting the steel building.

10/19/17: After delays on other projects, contractor finally got onsite and put up "frame."  Between having to go back to another project to finish and deer seasons, it will probably be a week or two before he is back to finish inside walls and to put the "skin" (siding and roof) on the frame.  But we are getting closer to being able to put doors on the units.

buildiing 4 on 10/19/17 from end

building 4 on 10/19/17 from side

11/16/17 - Deer season is taking its toll on construction, as it does in mamy Arkansas counties this time of year.    Hopefully after Thanksgiving weekend, construction will get back on track to have the building in service by the end of the year.

12/21/17 - Deer seasons, holidays, weather, material delays, other projects and such have pushed back the completion of our fourth building, but we are getting closer.  As shown by the three pictures below, doors have arrived, the roof, sides and interior walls are in place.  The roof was added on the 19th.  Rain came that night but on the 20th, when these pictures were taken, it was dry enough to work inside.  The gutters and other trim should be added today (21st) and then we are ready to install doors, outside lights, grade the area next to the building and add gravel.  Hopefully shortly after the first of the year the new units will be ready to rent.

doors for building 4

north side of building 4 & south side of building 1

soouth side of building 4




Contractors/Suppliers used:
Dirt work: Standridge Bulldozing, Belleville  AR
Concrete: Weaver Concrete, Booneville  AR
Steel Building: Continental Steel, Waldren  AR
Doors: Roll Up Doors Direct, Minneola, FL
Door Installation:  Steven Wright, Danville  AR
Electrical: George Electric Service, Ola  AR



 last updated 12/21/17