How Much Will a Unit Hold? 

That will depend on the size of the unit and what you have to store... 

Furniture sometimes does not stack well and each piece may need it own floor space.  A mattress and box-springs can be stored in a vertical position.  Boxes and Tubs stack well.  All of our units are 10 ft high at the front, so if you have items that can be stacked, you can store a lot, but keep in mind that the bottom box may have to support a lot of weight from the boxes above.

Width by Depth
5 ft by 9 ft 45 sq ft. Think of this size as a deep walk-in closet.  Good if you only have a few large items and do not need easy access all the way to the back.  This size unit could easily hold a washer, dryer and recliner with boxes stacked on top of the washer and dryer.  If you are able to leave open space next to one wall, you may be able to access even the items at the back of the unit.
10 ft by 4 ft 40 sq ft. While almost the same size as the previous unit, this unit has easy access to everything as it is wide and only 4 feet deep.
10 ft by 9 ft 90 sq ft. This size unit can easily hold the contents from one or two rooms, maybe more, depending on what can be stacked.
10 ft by 14 ft 140 sq ft. 55% larger than a 10' by 9' unit. Could easily hold the contents from two to four rooms, again, depending on what needs it own floor space and what can be stacked.
10 ft by 19 ft 190 sq ft, This is about the size of a one-car garage.  This and the next two sizes can hold the contents from an average size house.
10 ft by 24 ft 240 sq ft.
10 ft by 28 ft 280 sq ft. This size could easily hold the contents of an average size house or larger.  This unit has rollup doors at both ends and requires two locks.

Here is a sample of what could be stored in a 10' by 10' unit, with lots of verticle space left over.

sample of items stored in a 10 foot by 10 foot unit

All units have Rollup Doors.

Rollup Doors are 4 ft wide on 5-foot wide units.

Rollup Doors are 9 ft wide on 10-foot wide units.

We do sell locks. 

Boxes and Tubs designed for storage are usually available at
Wal-mart, Home Depot, Lowe's and other such stores.

updated 11/10/15